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18 weeks pregnant

February 9th, 2006 (08:48 pm)

Unlike the past few weeks, I actually have a lot to report this week.Read more...Collapse )

I think that is it for now. It was a pretty full afternoon for me.

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Last call for book and wine club input

June 22nd, 2005 (05:16 am)

I never did make a final call on the book, because the voting really was close. If no one objects, I think I'm just going to call it as "Bel Canto" for this go around. We can do "Mermaid Chair" for Sept/Oct.

Everyone OK with that?

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Attention Boston Book and Wine Club!

June 16th, 2005 (05:41 am)

As requested, here are the books we're considering for next month's book club. Please vote:

Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid


Bel Canto by Ann Patchett,TopRight,7,-26_PE20_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpg

I honestly don't care. They both sounded good to me.

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I have a question...

July 18th, 2004 (11:54 am)

...for those more savvy with LJ.

I just looked at my friends' entry page, and not really a ton of posts from yesterday. OK, fine it was Saturday, but then I went to a few of their journals individually and there were new posts.

Hmm...did I do something to not be able to see the new posts on the friends page? I'm still able to see protected entries, so it's not that I've been unfriended. Is there sometimes a glitch with LJ?

Help? Anyone? (Di? ;-) )

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Day 2

June 29th, 2004 (09:23 am)

OK, one thing that I might not like about LJ is the "subject" for each post. Perhaps I'm still feeling my way around here and feel a bit self-conscious/new kid on the block-ish (as opposed to "New Kids on the Block" ;)), and I'll get better at dreaming them up.

I do have to say that I do like the feature of clicking on "Friends" and just being able to read what everyone has written since the last time I was here. What a nice surprise, too, to see I have more friends here than I thought. ;) I'm probably still going to do most journaling on WC, at least for now. However, it is nice knowing that I have another place, a place where things can be private if I want them to be, as well as a place whose name does not imply that I've overstayed my welcome (i.e. Wedding Channel) I loved planning my wedding and I loved my wedding (and oh, yeah, I loved the man I married and still do ;)), but it seems so long ago now. Does it seem that way to you as well? I think it seems especially so to me now that we have Caroline.

For fun, let's see if this works...

OK, it didn't. How do you get pictures to appear within the entry? Anyone?

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The first post ;-)

June 28th, 2004 (01:50 pm)

Since I have already been added to some as a friend here on LJ (Thanks Di and Audrey), I figure I had better say something here, in my own space. For anyone who reads my WC journal, it must seem very odd to see that Lolavix has *nothing* to say (yet). I have not had time to do any exploring yet, so I have no idea if HTML works (I'm sure it does) or smilies or any of the stuff that I use liberally over on WC.

For now, I will probably still do most of my journaling over on WC, but I am not ruling out LJ. Just need to find the time to get better acquainted with it and see if it fits me better.

Off to a meeting. Fun. (Not.)

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